When it comes to your skin, there are so many treatment options to keep you looking young and radiant. So how do you know the best way to pause the clock and keep your skin younger-looking and healthy for years to come? That’s where laser resurfacing at Stein Plastic Surgery comes in. Laser resurfacing works at a cellular level to keep your skin in its best shape over time.

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*Individual Results May Vary 

How Does Laser Resurfacing Work?

Dr. Adam Stein uses laser resurfacing for a variety of skin conditions with multiple treatment options. In particular, Dr. Stein specializes in MicroLaserPeel®, which delivers laser energy at a customizable depth into the epidermis to remove the outermost layer of damaged skin cells to improve the texture, clarity, and tone of the skin. Laser resurfacing rejuvenates skin cells by the introduction of pulsed light energy to the epidermis, heating skin cells and stimulating collagen production for firmer, tighter, healthier skin. 

As new skin cells replace those removed by the MicroLaserPeel® or other laser resurfacing procedure, wrinkles are reduced, scars are minimized, sun damage is reversed, and age spots fade and disappear entirely. Your skin looks and feels younger because it is younger. Sciton Erbium lasers like those Dr. Stein employs prompt skin to behave as younger skin behaves, with better collagen quality and faster healing times.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Candidates of any age may benefit from laser resurfacing, though patients with fairer complexions may enjoy more dramatic results depending on the type of laser used in treatment. A thorough consultation with Dr. Stein can tell you if laser resurfacing is right for you, and which laser options you’d most benefit from.

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What are the Benefits of Laser Resurfacing?

Laser resurfacing treatments are highly customizable. Depending on the type of skin you have, laser resurfacing can be shallow or deep, ablative (removes the outer layer of skin) or non-ablative (light penetrates the skin without causing injury to stimulate the dermis), and a variety of wavelengths to concentrate improvement for specific skin conditions. Fine lines and wrinkles, redness, sun damage, acne scars, melasma, or many other conditions are all treatable with laser resurfacing.

Downtime is minimal. With the MicroLaserPeel®, downtime is a matter of days rather than weeks. Even for lasers that require a week or two of healing time, the dramatic improvement to your skin is well worth it. Consider all the time spent applying creams and serums and how much improvement they achieve. Laser resurfacing helps you reach new heights of skin health much faster than you can achieve on your own.

Results are dramatic and long term. Your skin doesn’t just look healthier. It really is healthier. Your skin cells are newer and your collagen production is stimulated for better quality collagen fibers that stand up to the environment and gravity. This helps your skin stay firm longer and appear younger. By removing damaged skin cells, your complexion is more vibrant and you can see the benefits of laser resurfacing, in some cases, for years to come. Your skin will continue to improve after your treatment for up to 6 months.

All laser resurfacing procedures at Stein Plastic Surgery are performed to expert standards, so you can expect the hands-on expertise, superior talent, and overall quality care you deserve. This helps patients fully understand how every choice—from the type of laser, wavelength choice, depth, and strength of the procedure—impacts their treatment and paves the way for improvement in the quality and health of their skin. Laser resurfacing may be everything your skin needs for that youthful, healthy glow.

Dr. Stein provided excellent outcomes. The resulted look natural and are consistent with what was explained before the surgery. I recommend Dr. Stein to everyone.

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*Individual results may vary.