The neck is, unfortunately, one of the first and most obvious places where signs of aging show. Drooping skin, weakened neck muscles, and fatty tissues are more visible here because the neck is generally a slim part of the body. Dr. Adam Stein is double-board-certified and his expert skill and aesthetic artistry have elevated the neck lift for thousands of patients.

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*Individual Results May Vary 

How Does a Neck Lift Work?

Neck lifts are often part of a bigger treatment protocol under the umbrella of facelifts, because much of the trouble with the neck includes the lower jaw and beneath the chin. Jowls and loose skin can give the appearance of a “chicken neck” and the platysma muscles—the prominent neck muscles originating at the top of the pectoral muscles—can weaken and sag. During a neck lift, Dr. Stein removes fatty tissues that collect around and below the jawline, repositions the muscles to shore them up, and excises surplus skin for a tighter, smoother jawline and neck. The incisions are well-hidden in the natural creases near the ears and the chin, so you’re left with a more youthful jawline and a slimmer neck profile.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Generally speaking, the best outcomes for the neck lift happen for patients who are non-smokers, in good health, and those who have reasonable expectations for the results. They fully acknowledge what a neck lift can—and can not—do for their appearance. A comprehensive consultation at Stein Plastic Surgery is the best place to start.

Benefits of a Neck Lift

Dr. Stein performs neck lifts under IV sedation on an outpatient basis, which is safer than general anesthesia, particularly for older patients. Patients undergoing neck lifts are typically in their mid-late 40s up through their 70s, and some even benefit well into their 80s. So what are the benefits of a neck lift?

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Targets an Area Less Affected by Diet and Exercise

There are a handful of stretches and exercises one can perform to strengthen the neck and keep limber, but there really is no guarantee these will keep sagging jowls, the double chin, or lax skin from worsening. The platysma muscles may benefit from contraction exercises, but these alone will not tighten skin, melt away fat deposits, or aesthetically shape your jawline. A neck lift accomplishes all these things.

A Better Investment of Time and Money

Creams and serums, laser treatments, and injectables cannot do for the neck everything that a neck lift can. It’s the single most effective procedure to reverse the signs of aging in the neck, and while the investment (in time and money) is more up front, the results last years longer than more minimally invasive procedures. You spend less in the long run having a neck lift with a single recovery period than buying multiple products and procedures over the years.

Accomplishes More to Reverse Aging in a Single Procedure

For younger patients in their 40s or 50s, a neck lift can stave off the need for a more comprehensive facelift in the future. By lifting the muscles back into place, removing excess skin, and reshaping your jawline, you hold on to a youthful look for longer.

Having a neck lift can go a long way toward restoring not only your youthful appearance and jawline but also your confidence. Neck lifts can even aid in the impression you’ve achieved some weight loss and improved health. Stay young with a neck lift at Stein Plastic Surgery.

“I am only able to select one thing for the treatment but I did it all. Face life, Neck Lift, Brow Lift, and Eye Lift st the age 50. I did it early and it was not noticed by everyone but I always hear, you have never aged. Oh but I did! Stein is a great doctor and his team is fantastic also, I used pain pills for 3 days and switched to tylenol on day 4. His price was great also. I interviewed 7 doctors before I picked Stein.” *

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*Individual results may vary.