Because the nose features so prominently on the face, many patients are reluctant to have rhinoplasty out of fear there will be visible scars that will be worse than the corrections they desire. At Stein Plastic Surgery, we understand this and can work with you to alleviate these concerns.

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How Does Rhinoplasty Work?

Because the nose is such a central feature, any small imperfection can feel magnified. A patient’s insecurities about it can affect their professional life, social relationships, and self-confidence. There are many ways a rhinoplasty (more commonly called a nose job) can be done while minimizing scarring. Dr. Adam Stein performs rhinoplasties wanting every patient feeling thrilled with their results, including the resulting scars. Through advanced techniques, Dr. Stein smooths away a prominent bump on the bridge, widens or narrows the bridge, and sculpts the nose’s tip or nostrils in such a way that brings balance to your facial features.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Are you concerned about the size, width, shape, and prominence of your nose to the point where it affects your daily life? If you’re in relatively good health, you’re likely a candidate for rhinoplasty, though your unique features and aesthetic goals determine what kind of procedure best suits you. Dr. Stein can answer any questions you have during a comprehensive consultation.

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What Types of Rhinoplasty Are There?

Dr. Stein is highly skilled in a variety of techniques that define the type of rhinoplasty performed. Let’s take a look at them.

 Open rhinoplasty is the most common type of nose job performed in the US, as it gives your surgeon more access to the features you wish to correct. The incision is made on the underside of your nose, between your nostrils, so it’s well camouflaged by your natural crease and the profile of the tip. This type of procedure can produce more dramatic improvements to the nose.

Closed rhinoplasty slightly limits access to the features of the nose compared to the open rhinoplasty, but it entirely hides any scarring by keeping the incisions to the inside of the nose. If your nose repair is fairly straightforward, this procedure is ideal for a quick recovery. Because the skill required is greater, your procedure will take longer, but with Dr. Stein’s meticulous attention to detail and the lack of visible scarring, this option is quite popular.

Revision rhinoplasty is one of Dr. Stein’s specialties. For patients who’ve already had a nose procedure performed, but the results left much to be desired, a revision can be completed in Stein Plastic Surgery’s accredited surgical suite. Because each case is unique, the approach to correction is as individual as the patient. Any concerns over scars can be discussed with Dr. Stein beforehand to ensure this time, you’re pleased with the outcome.

Ethnic rhinoplasty is important for patients whose features differ from those of European ancestry. The last thing you want is to lose the essence of what makes you uniquely you, so having a surgeon of Dr. Stein’s caliber who understands the differences in anatomy between races is critical. Your heritage can be preserved, often through a combination of techniques common to the other types of rhinoplasty, with an eye kept toward not over-correcting and the unique scarring properties of the skin of different ethnicities.

Dr. Stein will provide thorough aftercare instructions, including how to best care for your healing incisions to minimize your scars so they’re virtually unnoticeable. With only a small scar, your nose revision can make all the difference to your facial balance and confidence.

“Dr. Stein is an amazing doctor. After searching through countless surgeons, I decided to go with Stein because of the sheer amount of rhinoplasty’s he’s performed. He is straight to the point but not in a rude way, and I found him to be very helpful and accessible throughout my recovery. I had a septoplasty and rhinoplasty, and I am finally able to breathe fully through both sides of my nose. What a difference it makes! I also am so thankful to him because now I don’t spend hours every day worrying about what I look like from every angle or having to turn my face, etc… If you have the means to do so, I highly recommend going with Dr. Stein. He has so much experience and I feel like he really knows what will look best on each individual face.” *

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*Individual results may vary.