Have you ever wished you could look as young as you feel? For many men and women in Raleigh, facelift surgery has re-energized their appearance and attitude. Dr. Stein is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon and he performs well over 100 facelifts each year. His talent and aesthetic sensibility have earned him a reputation as one of the area’s premier facial plastic surgeons.

*What a Facelift Can Do for You

In the past, facelifts just tightened your skin, which often created a stretched appearance. With medical and procedural advances, it has become clear that the deep tissue layers must be addressed to achieve a long-lasting, natural-looking result. By sculpting the deeper layers, Dr. Stein can rejuvenate your face, jawline, and neck without any noticeable signs that you’ve had “work done.”

Although aging is inevitable, a facelift improves your overall appearance by:

  • Tightening sagging face and neck muscles
  • Softening wrinkled skin
  • Smoothing nasolabial folds
  • Reducing jowls

You need look no further than our before and after photo gallery to see that results from facelift surgery by Dr. Stein are remarkable. And while his results are dramatic, they are also completely natural looking.

Facelift Raleigh

*Individual results may vary.

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Consultations Available

Take the first step. Get your questions answered and find out which treatment options are best for you by meeting with Dr. Stein and a member of his staff at Stein Plastic Surgery for an in-person consultation. Simply fill out the form on this page, and one of our experienced team members will reach out to you promptly to schedule your consultation.

*Procedure & Recovery

Dr. Stein has successfully performed facelifts for more than 1,000 patients. In Raleigh, facelift surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and involves incisions around your ear or just inside your hairline. Dr. Stein has refined his facelift techniques to minimize visible scarring, discomfort, and recovery time. Results are noticeable soon after surgery, but you will start enjoying the full benefits of your new, youthful appearance within 6 months.

In your consultation, Dr. Stein will discuss all of the factors that contribute to the success of your procedure including healing and expectations. If at any point, you have questions or concerns, you’ll find that Dr. Stein is a warm, engaging man who will stay connected with you throughout the process to ensure that you are thrilled with your result.

*Complementary Procedures

Though a facelift can be performed as a single procedure, Dr. Stein may recommend combining it with a brow lift to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles, eyelid surgery to remove excess skin or laser resurfacing to reverse sun damage and minimize wrinkles. Combining these procedures is convenient and maximizes results.

Your Consultation with Dr. Stein

It is critically important to choose a highly-skilled doctor who understands that each patient is different and requires a customized approach. Dr. Stein has a unique talent for achieving a younger-looking, refreshed appearance while maintaining your face’s unique character. In your initial consultation, he will perform a thorough examination of your facial shape, skin elasticity, and bone structure to determine the approach that will work best for you.

Take The First Step

Interested in learning more about a facelift procedure? To meet with Dr. Stein, a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, request a consultation at our practice by filling out the form on this page. Or, call our office at 919.261.7099 to schedule your appointment. Stein Plastic Surgery serves patients in the Raleigh & Durham, NC areas.

*Individual results may vary.

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Slide Patient Testimonials "Dr. Stein is AMAZING and I would never trust my face with anyone else. Nice staff, great procedure, awesome guy. Highly recommend and I will go back for more treats!" READ MORE PATIENT REVIEWS *Individual results may vary Slide Patient Testimonials "The entire experience at this clinic has been a pleasure. The staff are pleasant and caring, and Dr. Stein has worked wonders on my appearance. I not only feel better, I also look better. He has done more for my quality of life than he will ever realize! I am a professional artist. I believe that in his work, he is an artist as well." READ MORE PATIENT REVIEWS *Individual results may vary Slide Patient Testimonials "Everyone at Dr. Stein's office has been amazing. After 20 years of contemplating rhinoplasty I'm so happy I finally did it. The entire process was super easy from start to finish. If you are looking for a surgeon to coddle you, that's not Dr. Stein. If you are looking for a true professional with many years experience, and who is a straight shooter, Dr. Stein is the doctor for you. I can't imagine a more perfect nose for me! Thank you, Dr. Stein!" READ MORE PATIENT REVIEWS *Individual results may vary Slide Patient Testimonials "Words can not express how happy I am with the results, I can look in the mirror now instead of avoiding it, Dr. Stein made me look refreshed and younger. Dr. Stein answered all my questions, told me exactly what was going to be done, how recovery would be and what I could expect afterwards. I felt at anytime during this journey, I could call him or his great staff and they would take care of any concerns that I might have had. Dr. Stein and his staff took great care of me, I honestly can't say Thank you enough!" READ MORE PATIENT REVIEWS *Individual results may vary Slide Patient Testimonials "I have always been unhappy with my nose and it's masculine appearance. I have a very small face and frame and it just never seemed to fit. Since the first consultation I knew Dr. Stein was the surgeon I wanted to go to. He was very mindful and observant of every little detail that I did not like. Dr. Stein and his whole staff were very friendly and extremely helpful. I loved my experience and my new nose is amazing! I would highly recommend Dr. Stein to anyone looking to have any facial cosmetic procedure." READ MORE PATIENT REVIEWS *Individual results may vary Slide Patient Testimonials "I am extremely pleased with the outcome and with Dr.Stein's talent! My nose looks even better than I expected and keeps getting better each day. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I am so glad I chose to come here to have it done." READ MORE PATIENT REVIEWS Individual results may vary Slide Patient Testimonials "My rhino/septoplasty experience with Dr. Stein was AMAZING. Not only were the results better than what I could have imagined, but everyone at his office was so polite and wonderful to work with. Thanks to Dr. Stein I can breathe better and look better - in a perfectly natural way!" READ MORE PATIENT REVIEWS *Individual results may vary