In the Media

We welcome all print, radio, television and electronic media journalists to come and see the office and interview Dr. Stein. In this way, you will truly see the difference in skills between a facial plastic surgeon and a general plastic surgeon. You should see actual results and interview both Dr. Stein and his patients to learn why you should only trust your face to a facial plastic surgeon.

Request a consultation to discuss facial plastic surgery in Raleigh with Dr. Stein. Or, call our office at 919.261.7099 to schedule your appointment.

A Trusted Authority

  • Dr. Stein has been featured repeatedly on ABC affiliate WTVD Channel 11 in a special called “Face Value.” This three-part news series highlighted Dr. Stein during an actual surgical procedure as well as interviewing Dr. Stein about his surgical skills and aesthetic sense (surgical style). Please feel free to come to the office and review the videotape or write the station for a copy.
  • Dr. Stein has been featured numerous times in the News and Observer. One such article entitled “Fountain of Youth” detailed the wonderful success by one of our patients who had facial rejuvenation. The changes in her appearance made a big difference in her self-image and esteem. Previously, because of premature facial aging which made her self-conscious, she averted her eyes away from her friends and co-workers. Thanks to Dr. Stein’s delicate touch she now holds her head high. Facial plastic surgery changed her life.
  • Dr. Stein was featured in an article published in the News & Observer entitled “About Face” on Thursday, May 21, 1998. This article focused on the tremendous changes in lifestyle experienced by a man who had facial rejuvenation. Previously, the man had been told he constantly look tired and run down. Following the procedure, however, instead of noticing that he had had “surgery”, his friends asked him if he been on vacation because he looked so well rested.
  • Dr. Stein regularly receives calls from facial plastic surgeons and plastic surgeons from around the country for advice on surgical procedures and practices. This is the highest compliment from his colleagues.
  • Dr. Stein has spoken on Facial Rejuvenation, as well as Health and Healing to local Womens’ Organizations. If you would like Dr. Stein to be a guest speaker at your organization, simply call the office at 919.261.7099 to make scheduling arrangements.