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This 27-year-old man came in to learn more about rhinoplasty in Raleigh. He informed me that he had nose surgery to correct his breathing about three years prior to this. He reports that he still had persistent nasal obstruction. In addition, he told me that he has had multiple traumatic injuries to his nose that resulted in some severe external deformity. On examination, I found a very asymmetric and crooked nasal tip, with a very large asymmetry between the two sides of his nose. Upon examination inside his nose, his entire septum appeared displaced, which explains his difficulty breathing. I recommended a rhinoplasty that would include extensive work to repair his nasal airway as well as taking down the hump and straightening his nose. I explained that I would do my best as his deformity may not be completely corrected due to previous scarring and traumatic injury. I also used the video-imaging computer to illustrate the changes that might be achieved. We agreed to proceed as planned. This patient recovered very well from his rhinoplasty. He is shown here about 2 months after his surgery. He reported a marked improvement to his breathing. I was very pleased with the results.

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