Case 1192

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  • Female


This 36-year-old woman came in requesting consultation for a facelift and rhinoplasty in Raleigh. She has had a rhinoplasty with a different surgeon but felt that it left her nose a little larger than she would have preferred. On examination, her nose looks good from the frontal view but most of her abnormalities were apparent from the side view. She also had a moderately under projected chin. I recommended a chin implant, which would significantly improve the balance of her face. I also explained that she should derive enough improvement from the chin implant that a revision rhinoplasty would not be needed. We decided to proceed with just the chin implant surgery. Patient was completely satisfied with what we were able to achieve for her and expressed this at her follow-up visit with me. I agreed, as displayed in the photos of her lateral (side) view.

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