Case 1404

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  • Female


This 57-year-old woman came in for a consultation with me to discuss facial rejuvenation. She was concerned with her sagging cheeks and overall skin laxity. On examination, I found mild to moderate excess skin in her upper eyelids with some aging changes in her lower eyelids. She also had cheek sagging, jowl formation and moderate sagging under her chin. The melolabial folds around her mouth were moderately prominent. I recommended a cheek-neck face lift, an endoscopic brow lift, and melolabial fold augmentation. I explained that we should be able to correct her droopy upper eyelids with the endoscopic brow lift, and would not recommend an upper blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) at this time. She recovered beautifully from her surgeries and was very pleased with the results. I was very satisfied with the facial rejuvenation I was able to achieve for her.

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