3007, 2022

What Does a Chemical Peel Do For Your Skin?

July 30th, 2022|Chemical Peel|

Facial peels have become a popular skincare procedure for treating a variety of skin imperfections and obtaining flawless skin. If you’re in need of skin regeneration and are ready to see visible skin improvements, Stein Plastic Surgery in Raleigh, NC, is ready to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.  What Are Chemical Peels? Chemical peels are cosmetic treatments that exfoliate your skin to achieve a brighter and more youthful appearance. These outpatient procedures are safe and effective when performed by professionals like double-board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stein. [...]

3007, 2022

What are the Benefits of a Blepharoplasty?

July 30th, 2022|Blepharoplasty|

Sagging and drooping eyelids tend to cause your appearance to seem tired or angry. The excess skin makes it more challenging to apply makeup and sometimes makes it difficult to see. Dr. Stein performs blepharoplasties to correct drooping eyelids, adjust underlying muscles, and reposition fat pads for natural, younger, brighter eyes. What is Blepharoplasty? Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure to reposition fat deposits, tighten underlying muscles, and remove excess skin around the eyelids. Also known as an eyelid lift, blepharoplasty can take years off the face by remodeling drooping upper eyelids [...]

2007, 2022

How to Get Rid of Sun Damage on the Face

July 20th, 2022|Chemical Peel|

It is no secret that exposure to the sun’s UV rays can negatively affect our skin by causing premature aging and sunburn. In fact, photoaging – skin damage from the sun– is responsible for 90 percent of visible changes to our skin. You may be wondering if photoaging is reversible. If you are worried about sun damage on your skin, keep in mind there are multiple ways to reverse the sun damage on your face and prevent further damage from taking place in the future.  How to Treat Sun Damaged Skin [...]

1007, 2022

How Long Do Results from Facelift Surgery Last?

July 10th, 2022|Facelift|

No one can escape the visible effects that come with aging. Fortunately, multiple facial rejuvenation treatments can undo the aging effects on your skin. If you’re looking for a way to look younger for many more years, you should consider a popular cosmetic procedure known as facelift surgery.  What is Facelift Surgery? A facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, is a popular surgical procedure that can make a visible difference in reversing the extreme signs of aging, such as sagging and loose skin on the face and neck. More specifically, facelift surgery [...]

1007, 2022

How Long is Recovery From a Chin Augmentation?

July 10th, 2022|Chin Augmentation|

A weak or under-defined chin can result in a less than ideal profile. There are many ways to improve your appearance, but chin implants may be your best option. With 26 years of experience and double certification in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Stein performs natural-looking chin augmentation procedures to help many patients reach their cosmetic goals. What is Chin Augmentation at Stein Plastic Surgery?At Stein Plastic Surgery, Dr. Stein adds volume and definition to your chin through silicone implants. During an easy-to-understand consultation, Dr. Stein discusses aesthetic goals, silicone type, size, and shape [...]

3006, 2022

What is Laser Resurfacing for Acne Scars?

June 30th, 2022|Laser Skin Resurfacing|

The skin is one of the most essential factors in maintaining a youthful appearance. The skin slowly wrinkles and sags as years of the environment and gravity take their toll. Many treatments offer aesthetic benefits, but laser resurfacing at Stein Plastic Surgery offers a non-surgical rejuvenation at the cellular level.  What is Laser Resurfacing? Laser resurfacing is a treatment for scarring, wrinkles, and other skin concerns. It stimulates the production of new collagen while improving the tone and texture of your skin. At Stein Plastic Surgery, Dr. Stein specializes in the [...]

2006, 2022

What is Neck Tightening Surgery?

June 20th, 2022|Neck Lift|

The neck, unfortunately, often shows the first signs of aging. Before the face reveals the effects of years, the neck sags, and muscle bands appear. Double-board-certified surgeon in aesthetic artistry, Dr. Adam Stein has performed neck lifts for thousands of patients.  What is Neck Tightening Surgery? Neck tightening surgery, also known as a neck lift, corrects skin laxity, addresses jowls, and tightens the platysma–muscles in the neck between the upper chest and jawline often responsible for muscle banding. View Gallery At Stein Plastic [...]

1006, 2022

How to Improve Bags Under Your Eyes

June 10th, 2022|Eyelid Lift|

Whether from exhaustion or age, bags under the eyes are an unwelcome sight in the mornings. They are even worse when they persist throughout the day or after a whole night’s rest. Sometimes home remedies and makeup are not enough to cover the falsified proof of a sleepless night. Eyelid lifts, also known as blepharoplasty, improve bags under the eyes in one quick surgery. How to Improve Bags Under Your EyesLower blepharoplasty, commonly known as lower eyelid lifts, turns back the clock by rearranging fat pads under the eyes and tightening the skin. [...]

2605, 2022

How to Get Rid of a ‘Turkey Neck’

May 26th, 2022|Facelift, Neck Lift|

Excess, saggy skin on the neck or ‘turkey neck’ can make you feel self-conscious. A facelift can help to improve the appearance of sagging neck skin and more.  What is a Facelift?  Dr. Stein performs over 100 facelifts to correct sagging skin and wrinkles each year. A facelift can help you appear years younger than before the procedure.  View More Patient Results *Individual Results May Vary  How Does a Facelift Work?  You will be put under general anesthesia during your facelift [...]

1405, 2022

Ethnic Rhinoplasty: How You Can Get a Nose Job and Still Look Like You

May 14th, 2022|Ethnic Rhinoplasty|

The uniqueness of one’s identity is essential to maintain. Every nose can signify that unique identity, but some may want to soften the appearance of the bridge of the nose or make other subtle changes. Dr. Stein is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who uses his expertise to shape each nose to the individual’s features. How Does Ethnic Rhinoplasty Work? Ethnic rhinoplasties are designed to work skillfully with the ethnic features of an individual’s face. Dr. Stein carefully your unique features to produce the most natural results every time. An anesthesiologist will put you [...]

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