People with prominent ears will tell you that few things are as hurtful as the teasing they endured as children. Fortunately, there is a simple procedure called otoplasty that improves the appearance of large, misshapen or asymmetrical ears. At the facial plastic surgery practice of Dr. Adam Stein in Raleigh, otoplasty can be performed on adults and older children who are physically and emotionally mature enough for the procedure.

*What Otoplasty Can Do for You

Commonly referred to as “ear pinning” in Raleigh, otoplasty reduces the size of large ears or pins back ears that protrude too far from the head. Dr. Stein, who specializes in facial plastic surgery, advises patients who are considering otoplasty to have the procedure done sooner than later because the younger you are, the easier it is to shape the ear’s cartilage. However, because young children’s ears are still growing, and they may not be mature enough to handle surgery and recovery, children should be at least 5 years old to undergo the procedure. If your child is 5 or older, Dr. Stein will help you to determine if he or she is ready for otoplasty.

Browse through our before and after photo gallery to see how otoplasty with Dr. Stein has helped many patients achieve greater facial harmony.

Otoplasty Raleigh, NC

*Individual results may vary


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*Procedure & Recovery

During the procedure, Dr. Stein places an incision behind the natural fold of the ear to reshape the cartilage and skin. Then, he anchors the ear with tiny stitches to hold it in place while it heals. You may experience some swelling, bruising and discomfort, but our patients tell us this is easily managed with over-the-counter pain medicine.

Time and time again, Dr. Stein has seen the tremendous impact otoplasty can have on his patients’ quality of life. In addition to the physical benefits that come with achieving well-balanced facial features, patients enjoy the emotional benefits associated with increased confidence.

*Complementary Procedures

Oftentimes, patients who choose to have otoplasty have other procedures performed simultaneously including rhinoplasty or facial implants to optimize facial re-contouring.

Your Consultation with Dr. Stein

When seeking otoplasty, Raleigh patients turn to Dr. Stein, a recognized leader in facial plastic surgery. In your consultation, he will explain all the factors that contribute to the success of your procedure and will take the time to answer all of your questions and address any concerns.

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*Individual results may vary