Patient Philosophy

We treat our Raleigh facial plastic surgery clients with unheard of personal attention. We believe that you should have all of the information necessary to make the choice of which surgeon you are going to allow to bring out the natural beauty of your face.

To meet with Dr. Stein, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, request a consultation at our practice. Or, call our office at 919.261.7099 to schedule your appointment.

Qualified, Caring and Honest

Please take a moment to review Dr. Stein’s credentials. Dr. Stein has had almost 14 years of surgical experience in facial plastic surgery in Raleigh. You should review Dr. Stein’s unretouched results because we believe that you should see Dr. Stein’s skill and artistry by looking at actual results. We believe you should have your surgery in the midst of comfort and luxury surrounded by a caring staff.

Does your doctor take good care of you? Dr. Stein’s philosophy is honesty, insightfulness and a true caring attitude. Not all surgeons regularly give their home phone number for post-surgery questions. Of course, you may call the clinical staff, but will your doctor call you at home that evening after the surgery just to ask how you are? Dr. Stein cares, and that caring shows. We believe you deserve the very best skill, patient care and support pre and post-operatively.

The process that begins with research into selecting your surgeon will eventually bring you to a decision point about your surgery. Once you have determined what procedure(s) you are having, you will be given a full opportunity to ask questions and learn about the risks and rewards of your procedure. This is called informed consent.

What is Informed Consent?

Informed consent requires that your physician obtain your informed consent for medical and surgical treatment. In keeping with state law, you will be asked to sign a confirmation that we have: (1) discussed the nature of your condition, your contemplated operation or medical procedure; (2) the general nature of this proposed treatment/surgery; (3) the request of the proposed treatment/surgery; (3) the prospects for success; (4) the reasonable therapeutic alternatives to the treatment/surgery; and (5) the risks of such alternatives. Your physician has discussed with you the common problems or risks. We wish to inform you as completely as possible. You are also being asked to sign a confirmation that you have been given the opportunity to ask whatever questions you may have and that your questions have been answered in a satisfactory manner. You will have as much time as you need to read the form carefully. Ask about everything you do not understand and we will be pleased to explain it. Once you are fully informed, then you may give consent to perform the selected procedure(s).