Dr. Stein is known for the excellent results he achieves for his Raleigh facial plastic surgery patients. However, he has also earned a reputation for unsurpassed care, compassion, and professionalism that keep patients coming back and referring their friends and family. Here are just a few examples of the kind of positive feedback Dr. Stein regularly gets from his facial plastic surgery patients.

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“Dr. Stein and staff are very inviting and caring; they were professional without making the place feel snooty. That was great for me because I’m not rich, just an average person looking for some improvements. I was hesitant to even see a surgeon because I could not afford to be talked into other procedures. Well, there is no problem whatsoever with that at this office. You say what you are wanting and Dr. Stein and his staff help you get it. That’s it. So I was put at ease by all. Thank you, Dr. Stein and all his sweet staff. I will be back.”

J.F., Endoscopic brow lift/forehead lift/midface lift

“I am not one to write or talk about plastic surgery – but I wanted to share my experience with Dr. Stein. I was very nervous and hesitant when researching and calling offices to find out about a facelift. I was worried the doctors would start recommending all kinds of other surgeries that I couldn’t afford – or didn’t want. I almost canceled my consultation about 4 times. I am really happy I didn’t – my consultation was better than expected. Dr. Stein was a good listener and didn’t try and sell me anything I didn’t need or want. I am now only 3 weeks out from my facelift, but I am excited about the results and enjoy going in to see him.”

W.B., Facelift

“Dr. Stein in particular, but also his staff, were exceptional! From the day I first visited, wondering if I could benefit from having my eyelids improved, to the post op care and now full recovery, the whole experience has been great and exceeded my expectations. I really feel that my ability to interview and secure new positions in corporations (so focused on youth!) is enhanced with my new look – it shaved at least 10-15 years from my appearance! Thank you, Dr. Stein, for giving me a new appearance, which I think will lead to a better life all around! If you are thinking about any procedure whatsoever in the plastic surgery area, I highly encourage to consult with Dr. Stein before choosing your final surgeon – I think you will be very happy with any procedure from this talented surgeon!”

D.C., Blepharoplasty

“After seeing 3 other surgeons in the area, I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Stein. I received first-rate service from beginning to end. My results have far exceeded my expectations and I am so pleased that I waited for the best surgeon and staff. Each staff member there is so supportive, encouraging and friendly every time I call, even with question after question.”

S.H., Facelift

“I own a business in the area and wanted to refresh my look without looking “done.” I also am in the service industry and make it a practice to only do business with businesses that focus on good customer service. I consulted with several plastic surgeons in Raleigh prior to selecting Dr. Stein. I chose him because I felt he listened to me, understood what I wanted and showed me amazing photos of patients who had similar surgeries. I am so thrilled with my results that I hope he shows everyone my after photos! I also am so impressed with his entire staff. Each time I have called everyone has been very informative and responsive. They are so concerned about me as a patient and person that it is refreshing. I feel that everyone who works in his office is concerned about my well -being and I could not ask for more. Dr. Stein is a clearly gifted surgeon and has surrounded himself with staff who are also very skilled at their jobs and compassionate. I would recommend Dr. Stein to anyone contemplating any sort of facial plastic surgery!”

B.S., Facelift/blepharoplasty

“I had been contemplating and researching aesthetic surgery for over 8 years. During this time I had 4 consultations, paying $100 for each of them. When I found Dr. Stein’s Web site I was impressed by his philosophy and ethics. After my consultation, I was sure his Web site was not just great advertising but expresses how he truly believes and practices. This type of surgery is not a necessity, and I appreciate the fact that Dr. Stein wants to ensure each patient is in optimum health before being accepted for a procedure. In my consultation with Dr. Stein, I found him to be respectful and caring, but also able to fully understand my concerns and offer wonderful suggestions. Dr. Stein looks at each procedure from an artistic as well as medical standpoint for better than expected results. Dr. Stein strives to make his patients as comfortable as possible after surgery. I love the results and am in the process of scheduling the rhinoplasty I have longed for since a child. I have felt very cared for as a patient and as a person with Dr. Stein and his staff. I have found Dr. Stein to be an exceptionally skilled surgeon and feel so happy to have him as my doctor for such important life-changing decisions.”

A.T., Rhinoplasty

“Dr. Stein is very skilled. He corrected someone else’s poorly done lower blepharoplasty and did a very natural mid-face lift. For those of you looking for him, he is reopening his practice in the Rex Hospital area in one of the medical office buildings off of Lake Boone Trail.”

“I had been looking for over a year for a great facial plastic surgeon to do a facelift. I was given Dr. Adam Stein’s name from a co-worker of mine and found him to be everything she said and more. From the time I walked in the door until my post-op visit, everyone was professional and friendly. I look 20 years younger. Thank you Dr. Stein. You changed my life.”

L.L., Facelift /browlift

“I had a rhinoplasty with Dr. Stein. He did a wonderful job. He listened to exactly what I wanted, and now I have a very natural result. My nose looks like my old nose, it is just much improved. Specifically, it used to droop excessively. Dr. Stein used conservative grafting techniques to raise the tip. Great doc!”

B.J., Rhinoplasty

“Words cannot begin to express how extremely happy I am with the results of the surgery Dr. Stein performed on my face. It’s been only five weeks since surgery and my face looks better than any other facial surgery I’ve ever seen on anyone. Dr. Stein is a very skilled and talented surgeon. I’m from South Carolina and I have been looking for the “right” doctor to perform my facial surgery. This was a very serious concern of mine. I really liked Dr. Stein’s before and after pictures, and each person so natural looking. I made an appointment with Dr. Stein and drove many miles to have a consultation. Dr. Stein was so confident, and explained the procedure and what I could expect. For the first time I felt completely comfortable with a doctor. I had a lower facelift and neck lift. The surgery took at least 15 years off my appearance. I look like myself again. I no longer appear to be tired. I’ve had people tell me that until they saw my results they would have never considered facial surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Stein. He is only one of a few facial plastic surgeons in the region.”

C.D., Facelift/ neck lift

“The one thing that stood out the most with Dr. Stein was his natural results. Now that I have had my surgery, it is proof…I still have my nose, it’s just softer for my face.”

S.S., Rhinoplasty

“I had a chin augmentation performed by Dr. Stein and the results are excellent! He treated me with honesty and professionalism and he gave me the results I wanted.”

D.S., Chin augmentation

Obtain the Cost of a Nose Job with no Hidden Extras

A nose job, which is known within the cosmetic surgery profession as a ‘rhinoplasty’, provides an effective way to adjust any irregularity or asymmetry in the shape of the nose. A badly-set break may leave a nose crooked or with noticeable bumps, but a trained and skilled plastic surgeon is able to alter the nose’s shape with subtlety and precision. The first part of having the procedure performed entails a consultation, where a surgeon provides an idea of the cost of a nose job and can also discuss the cost of other kinds of plastic surgery if the prospective patient intends to have more than the one operation performed.

The average cost of a nose job varies, and the total cost also depends on how much a surgeon charges for a standard consultation. If your initial consultation is free, you will save money, and you will be able to decide, based on your discussion with your surgeon, whether you would like to go ahead with a procedure, and whether there are any additional operations you would like to have performed in the same time period.

Cosmetic surgery centers which endeavor to make plastic surgery available to a wider range of people periodically offer specials which reduce the cost of a nose job or the cost of liposuction or other surgeries. A surgeon who understands that people come from varying financial backgrounds will provide you with more than one payment option, so that you will not have to put off the procedure you desire indefinitely until you can afford a single large payment.

In order to not be surprised with hidden expenses, it is wise to use an ethical cosmetic surgeon who is upfront about the cost of facelift procedures and the cost of breast implants and other procedures. Whichever operation you wish to undergo, an honest and caring professional will do everything to make sure that you know about the costs involved, as well as the post-operative care measures that you will need to take.

Many prospective patients might assume that the cost of breast reduction will be lower than the cost of breast augmentation since no material is being added, but these delicate operations take time, and the procedure will not necessarily be cheaper. If you have any financial concerns, you can discuss these with your surgeon. If you are traveling from out of town to have a procedure performed, you will need to factor the cost of travel and accommodation into the overall cost of a nose job or other procedure, but an attentive and helpful surgery center may be able to help you with travel arrangements.

While cosmetic surgery does cost a fair amount of money, some cosmetic surgery centers offer fair repayment plans or provide financial support via specialist lending businesses. If you desire an approximate figure for the cost of a tummy tuck, the cost of a lip job or the cost of a nose job, you can contact your surgeon telephonically or via email, but it is best to schedule a personal consultation so that you can obtain a more accurate estimate.