Why Choose Us

You have a lot of choices when you are looking into facial plastic surgery in Raleigh. Facial plastic surgery can be performed by a general plastic surgeon, and even by other types of physicians such as dermatologists and general practitioners. But when it comes to the appearance of your face, it makes sense to choose a surgeon with the exceptional degree of specialized training – a board-certified facial plastic surgeon such as Dr. Adam Stein.

Request a consultation with Dr. Stein to learn what makes him unique among Raleigh facial plastic surgeons. Or call our offices at 919.261.7099 and one of our helpful staff will be happy to schedule your appointment.

Natural, Yet Dramatic Results

Women and men who choose Dr. Stein get results that are at the same time natural and dramatic. If you look at our before and after photos, you’ll see a significant and dramatic improvement in the patient’s appearance. However, if you ran into this man or woman on the street, chances are you’d never suspect that they’d had plastic surgery because their look is extremely natural. This is because Dr. Stein uses innovative techniques to minimize visible scarring and tissue trauma while enhancing the contours of the face. This also allows his patients to enjoy a shorter, more comfortable recovery.

Surgical Artistry

Your beauty emanates from within, but from a physical standpoint, the face is the focal point of beauty. The face is also where a facial plastic surgeon’s artistry really shines through. Dr. Stein has always had an innate artistic ability that is rare in the medical field. He is a musician, songwriter, and a generally creative person. This artistic talent, combined with his meticulous attention to detail, lends itself beautifully to facial enhancement procedures. A look through our photo gallery is all it takes to see that Dr. Stein is a true artist in the field of facial plastic surgery.

Uncommon Dedication

Dr. Stein and his staff are dedicated to the complete care and total satisfaction of each and every one of their patients. He personally calls every patient on the night of his or her procedure, and each patient is given Dr. Stein’s personal home and cell phone number. Dr. Stein and his staff are always available to answer questions and address concerns, no matter how large or small. His patients tend to be thrilled with their care and results, which may explain why out of town patients travel great distances for facial plastic surgery with Dr. Stein.

Preparations for Before and After Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery and other cosmetic, surgical procedures are safest when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, one who has multiple years of experience. If you are planning to undergo a procedure, viewing photographs of your surgeon’s previous patients before and after plastic surgery will help you to relax. Before and after rhinoplasty photos will not only give you a good sense of your surgeon’s level of skill and aesthetic sensitivity – these can also provide you with an idea of how you would like to look when the procedure is complete.

Many patients undergo nose jobs so that they may enjoy greater symmetry in their facial features. Before and after rhinoplasty photographs show how even the slightest adjustments in proportion or definition can greatly enhance a person’s innate beauty, by allowing the features which are already attractive to receive attention.

Looking at before and after breast augmentation photos or before and after nasal photos is not the only preparation required before surgery. An attentive surgeon will make sure to explain any special preparations required well in advance, such as whether you need to take any preparatory medications or need to make special arrangements for post-operative care. Patients who undergo brief procedures requiring general anesthetic may need a family member or friend to drive them home afterward, for example.

There are some side-effects of surgery which your plastic surgeon will explain in advance so that you are not taken by surprise. Certain short-term effects such as bruising or swelling can be expected, but a skilled surgeon who works precisely will minimize all potential adverse effects. With facelifts, there may be a noticeable change in the general shape of your face but this is only temporary, as it is the result of swelling.

A caring and attentive surgeon will strive to provide you with personal care before and after plastic surgery. It is natural to experience mild before and after weight loss as you approach and complete surgery, due to worry or temporary loss of appetite due to mild discomfort, but your surgeon can prescribe painkillers which will reduce any temporary unpleasantness, so that the short-term change in your level of personal comfort before and after breast implants or rhinoplasty surgery will be as small as possible.

The time period before and after plastic surgery requires psychological as well as physical preparation. Viewing before and after rhinoplasty photos or pictures taken before and after breast implants will give you an idea of the positive results attainable, and will reduce any anxiety you may be feeling. A surgeon who endeavors to provide every single patient with the highest quality of service, who guides you through each stage of the process, will make your experience as relaxed and stress-free as possible.

AAAASF accredited

Our surgical facilities are accredited by The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc. which was established in 1980 to develop an accreditation program to standardize and improve the quality of medical and surgical care in ambulatory surgery facilities while assuring the public of high standards for patient care and safety in an accredited facility. Surgeons, legislators, state and national health agencies and patients acknowledge that AAAASF stands alone in setting the “Gold Standard” for quality patient care.