As we get older, gravity can take its toll on us. Between skin losing its elasticity and the volume loss associated with age, we sometimes look older than we feel. But don’t worry–  there are options out there that can help slow down or even reverse the effects of aging. Among the more popular options are brow lifts and facelifts and if you’re considering either, it’s a good idea to weigh out your options.

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*Individual Results May Vary 

How Is a Brow Lift and Facelift Different?

Brow Lifts

Years of facial expressions can age us much faster than we’d like. If your concerns are associated with the upper portion of the face such as the eyebrows and forehead, a brow lift may be just what you need. Aimed at the upper half of the face, a brow lift can do the following for you:

  • Soften Forehead Wrinkles, Crow’s Feet and Expression Lines
  • Alleviate Furrowed Brows
  • Lift Sagging Brows
  • Raising Upper Eyelids

Patients that undergo brow lifts at Stein Plastic Surgery report looking years younger and more well-rested. With the certifications and awards to prove it, we’ll deliver the best results possible.


Compared to the facelifts of the past which consisted of pulling the skin back and resulting in a stretched-out appearance, surgeons have since made leaps and bounds in the process. The results of modern facelift procedures are far more natural-looking and customizable to your aesthetic goals.

Dr. Stein is double board-certified with 26 years of experience and has the skilled hands you’ll want for such a procedure. A facelift at Stein Plastic Surgery can alleviate the following issues:

At Stein Plastic Surgery, we have perfected the art of the facelift and can deliver results that are natural-looking. Upon recovery, you’ll look as young as you feel.

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What’s The Difference In Recovery Time for Each Procedure?

As with any surgery, both brow lifts and facelifts will require some downtime and aftercare. Brow lifts are done endoscopically, which is a far less invasive technique than other methods with all work being done under the skin. This means that surgery involves fewer incisions, minimal scarring, and less swelling. Most patients can return to non-strenuous work in about 10-days with the ability to exercise in 30-days.

Facelifts are performed on an outpatient basis with as few incisions as possible, most occurring around the earline or under the hairline allowing for discreet recovery. Patients see results shortly after the surgery, but full results can be seen at around 6-months. If you’re combining both a brow lift and facelift into one procedure, recovery may take a little longer.

Facelift or Brow Lift: What’s Right For Me?

At Stein Plastic Surgery, we know that each patient’s aesthetic goals are unique. If you’re considering a facelift or a brow lift as a way to reach your own goals, our staff is here to help. Consider booking a consultation with us to further examine your options and help you develop a plan for looking and feeling your best. From your first appointment until the end of recovery, you’ll be in good hands.

“”I am only able to select one thing for the treatment but I did it all. Face life, Neck Lift, Brow Lift, and Eye Lift st the age 50. I did it early and it was not noticed by everyone but I always hear, you have never aged. Oh but I did! Stein is a great doctor and his team is fantastic also, I used pain pills for 3 days and switched to tylenol on day 4. His price was great also. I interviewed 7 doctors before I picked Stein.””

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*Individual Results May Vary.