The delicate skin around the eyes shows signs of aging before other parts of the face, and this can make you look tired or even angry. You can restore the eye area with an upper or lower blepharoplasty. Either procedure will improve loose skin and sagging, but together their results give you bright, alert, youthful-looking eyes. 

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*Individual Results May Vary 

What is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty, otherwise known as an eyelid lift, corrects the effects of aging on the upper or lower eyelids. An upper blepharoplasty will lift the upper eyelid and remove excess skin, eliminating the appearance of sagging, tired eyes. A lower blepharoplasty will reposition fat pads to remove undereye bags and tighten the skin. 

Can You Have Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty Together?

Some people have concerns about the upper or lower eyelids, but not both. Since age tends to affect the whole eye area, many people can benefit from having an upper and lower blepharoplasty together. Having both procedures together does not increase recovery time. If you have concerns about aging and sagging in both areas, having upper and lower blepharoplasty at the same time will give you more rejuvenated results. 

How Do Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty Work?

Both upper and lower eyelid lifts are performed by Dr. Stein under local anesthesia or twilight sedation. To perform an upper blepharoplasty, he uses a small incision hidden in the fold of the upper eyelid. He lifts and tightens loose skin, removing the appearance of hooded, tired eyes. During a lower blepharoplasty, Dr. Stein uses a hidden incision to reposition fat pads that have slipped out of place. This fills in hollow areas under the eyes and corrects undereye bags. He will also tighten the skin to fix the appearance of sagging. 

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What Other Procedures Can I Have With Blepharoplasty?

Upper and lower blepharoplasty combines well with many other anti-aging procedures. Dr. Stein often performs them in combination with a facelift or brow lift. These two procedures produce dramatic anti-aging effects, but they do not address the eyelid area. Upper blepharoplasty with a brow lift can eliminate the appearance of sagging, hooded eyes.  

What is Recovery Like From Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty? 

Dr. Stein uses excellent surgical techniques to make sure you have minimal bruising and swelling after your surgery. Many people can go back to work or resume light activities within a few days. Exercising and other more strenuous activities should wait at least two weeks for Dr. Stein’s approval. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty?

If you have sagging and signs of aging that affect your eyelids, you may be a good candidate for blepharoplasty. Candidates should have no major health problems and not smoke. Men and women make equally good candidates for both procedures. 

“I was referred to Dr Stine by an anesthetist and I’m so happy with the process and results. Dr. Stine was so responsive and supportive post op answering if this or that was normal. I feel the results are natural and becoming.” *

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*Individual results may vary.