Have you begun to see a loss of definition to the under-chin area? Has your once-chiseled jawline left you looking older than you feel? Would you like a way to remove excess skin and fat for a sharper, more sculpted profile? If so, it might be time to start thinking about enlisting the help of male facelift procedures at Stein Plastic Surgery.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the average nationwide cost of neck lift procedures was approximately $5,250. However, it’s important to remember that your individual procedure can significantly differ – especially for men. Let’s take a closer look.

What Goes Into the Cost of a Male Neck Lift?

While cost is a major factor when it comes to your neck lift procedure, it’s much more important to look for a skilled surgeon that will be able to give you natural-looking results. A An experienced double board-certified facial plastic surgeon such as Dr. Stein who specializes in facial procedures will provide a much better end-result than someone who’s just starting out in the field or someone who has not had the rigorous training and experience in facial plastic surgery procedures.

How Much Does A Male Neck Lift Cost in Raleigh

Neck lift procedures for men require more surgical skill and artistry. Your surgeon needs to account for the Adam’s apple, sideburns, and other facial hair during surgery. Your surgeon also needs to be able to work with much shorter hair lengths and receding hairlines when planning incisions. They also need to restore a naturally youthful appearance while avoiding feminine contours.  When looking for a surgeon, opt for one who has experience providing neck lifts for men.

Anesthesia & Operating Facility Fees

Male neck lift procedures can be more time-consuming than their female counterparts. Because anesthesia and facility fees are typically priced on an hourly basis, men can expect a slightly higher price tag.

Necklift Consultations Available!


Male Neck Lifts in Raleigh, NC

The best way to determine how much you’ll pay for your neck lift procedure is through an in-person consultation. Dr. Stein will assess your individual concerns and speak with you about your goals before customizing a treatment plan. In some cases, Dr. Stein may suggest pairing a neck lift procedure with other facial rejuvenation procedures for enhanced results and a single recovery period.

Stein Plastic Surgery offers several short and long-term financing options. Application is quick, easy, and confidential and our patient care coordinators have helped many patients obtain financing easily.

My neck surgery with Dr. Stein was remarkable. He is so patient and understanding and did an amazing job! I am so happy with the results. Thank you Dr. Stein.

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