Are you frustrated by heavy brows, forehead wrinkles, and loose skin that makes you look tired or angry? A brow lift restores a smooth, youthful forehead and lifts your brows back to their natural position. You can look dramatically more refreshed and energized, eliminating the permanent scowl that drooping brows can create. 

What is a Brow Lift?

Your brows play a vital role in communication, helping others interpret your emotions and responses. As a result, drooping brows and a wrinkled forehead can give the message that you are tired or irritated. Instead, you can look bright-eyed and rejuvenated with a brow or forehead lift. This procedure tightens the skin and restores your natural brow arches.

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*Individual Results May Vary 

How is a Brow Lift Performed?

While a brow lift used to require large incisions, Dr. Stein’s endoscopic technique only needs a few small incisions hidden in the hairline. He uses tiny tools and cameras to visualize and adjust your skin, muscles, and other tissues to create a smooth, natural look, a technique much less invasive than an open brow lift with a full, large incision. He will also extend the procedure into the mid-face area for an overall more youthful appearance. People who have endoscopic surgery heal more quickly and have nearly invisible scars. 

How Much Downtime Will I Need After a Brow Lift?

Immediately after your brow lift, you can expect the area to look swollen and feel sore. These effects improve significantly after the first few days. Dr. Stein and his team will provide you with aftercare instructions, which may include prescription medications and sleeping with your head elevated to control swelling. 

Most people can return to low-activity jobs within ten days and more strenuous activities after four weeks. You can expect some swelling to last for a few months, so your results will continue to evolve and settle into place. Full results can take up to six months to develop. Once established, brow lift results are long-lasting. 

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Am I a Good Candidate for a Brow Lift?

People with frown lines, sagging skin, and heavy-looking brows often see significant benefits with a brow lift. Good candidates for this procedure are healthy and want to address signs of aging affecting the brows and forehead. We recommend a consultation with Dr. Stein to determine whether this procedure will achieve your desired results. 

Can I Have Other Procedures With a Brow Lift?

A brow lift works very well with several other procedures. To rejuvenate the entire eye area and correct hooded-looking eyes, many people combine a forehead lift with an eyelid lift or blepharoplasty. Others may combine it with a facelift, which primarily addresses the lower part of the face. Discuss all your concerns during your consultation so Dr. Stein can design the best treatment plan for your needs. 

Dr Stein and his staff were amazing! I couldn’t have asked for better care or for better results! My surgery was completely pain free and I have healed quickly with amazing results! Thank you so much Dr Stein!

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