Facelift procedures can produce significant anti-aging results for the right candidate. As a double board-certified surgeon, Dr. Stein has performed well over 2500 facelifts throughout his career. He uses his advanced surgical skills and artistry to create the natural-looking results he’s known for. Through these specialized techniques, Dr. Stein is also able to keep pain, scarring, and downtime to a minimum.

At Stein Plastic Surgery, we utilize twilight (IV sedation) for all our procedures. In rare cases, Dr. Stein may perform a facelift under local anesthesia but only for very specific circumstances.

Facelift Surgery Raleigh

*Individual Results May Vary 

Twilight Anesthesia

Twilight anesthesia is anesthesia that’s administered via IV. At Stein Plastic Surgery we administer this type of anesthesia in a way that essentially allows our patients to be completely asleep without the risks of general anesthesia. You do not feel anything. There is absolutely no physical discomfort. Twilight anesthesia is used for anxiety relief as well as helping you forget the surgery and the time right after. You wake up afterward quickly with no memory of the entire event.

Twilight anesthesia is great because there are fewer risks when it comes to unwanted side effects.

I am so elated over the super job Dr. Stein did to make me look like a refreshed 65 year old! The results from my complete facelift is so natural looking that you would never know that I had plastic surgery. Not only is Dr. Stein amazing, but his whole staff makes you feel so very comfortable. I would highly recommend Adam Stein and his staff to anyone considering a new, refreshed look!

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*Individual results may vary.