An eyelid lift, formally called blepharoplasty, removes excess skin and fat from around the eyes and lifts skin to create a brighter, more youthful eye area. However, not everyone’s eyes have the same problems, so Dr. Stein consults with his patients to decide whether an upper blepharoplasty, a lower blepharoplasty, or possibly both will achieve the desired results.

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How Does Blepharoplasty Work?

During blepharoplasty, the surgeon makes small incisions in the skin around the upper or lower part of the eyelid, carefully hiding them in the creases of the eye, so they become invisible once healed. Dr. Stein may remove excess skin, fat, or tissue and may lift or rearrange remaining fat or skin to look more lifted and refreshed. The upper and lower blepharoplasty procedures differ since the first focuses on drooping skin around the upper eyelid and the second focuses on bags and dark circles underneath the eyelids. 

What are the Differences Between Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty?

These treatments address two different problems. Many patients only need one or the other, but some will benefit from both. 

Upper Blepharoplasty

An upper eyelid lift helps you look refreshed and rejuvenated by removing excess skin and lifting muscles back into place, so you no longer have drooping skin around your eyelids. For some people, this can even improve their vision. People choose this procedure because they want to remove sagging or drooping upper eyelids that make them look older or get in the way of vision. 

Lower Blepharoplasty

A lower eyelift addresses under-eye bags and dark circles, making the entire face look more alert and lifted. Bags under the eyes can contribute significantly to the appearance of aging and make many people self-conscious, so treating them can provide a huge boost. People have this procedure because they feel bothered by undereye bags that give an aged, tired and sagging appearance. 

How Long is Recovery from Blepharoplasty?

You can go home the same day, but you may feel sore. You will need to rest for several days to a week while the swelling goes down. Dr. Stein will recommend aftercare instructions. You will not be able to wear contacts for a few weeks and should make sure to have a pair of glasses available if you need them. 

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What are the Benefits of Blepharoplasty?

Both upper and lower blepharoplasty offers many benefits, including:

  • A more awake and alert appearance
  • Eyes that look brighter and more expressive
  • Overall more youthful-looking facial appearance
  • Less recovery time than more major procedures
  • Results visible almost immediately

Dr. Stein will discuss with you during your consultation whether upper or lower blepharoplasty may work best for you. 

“I had the drooping eyelids that come along with the aging process and it made me self conscious to the point I stopped wearing eye shadows so I wouldn’t draw attention to my eyes. I did my research, visited two different surgeons and decided on Stein Plastic Surgery. The staff is wonderful and Dr. Stein amazing. I am beyond thrilled with my results. Every step of the way Dr. Stein made sure to let me know exactly what to expect which elevates concerns. I had my eye lids done along with a brow lift and I am so thrilled with the results. Thank you for your professionalism and the fantastic work you do!”

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*Individual results may vary.