The nose, being front and center, commands focus in ways few other facial features do. If its shape is imbalanced, it brings the wrong kind of attention. A nose you don’t like can take its toll on your emotional health. Dr. Stein specializes in rhinoplasty in the Raleigh area, and has brought thousands of patients satisfaction and facial harmony.

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How Does Rhinoplasty Work?

Rhinoplasty fixes the size, shape, and prominence of the nose to best suit the patient. It’s designed to repair injuries or a deviated septum and reshape the bridge, nostrils, and tip for a proportionate, elegant result.

 Double-board certified physician Dr. Adam Stein has refined his skills over 2 decades for meticulous attention to detail that results in thousands of patients who are satisfied with their new nose.

What Types of Rhinoplasty are Available?

The most straightforward rhinoplasty is the closed rhinplasty. Ideal for patients with uncomplicated nasal anatomy who require minimal correction, the closed rhinoplasty requires a great deal of skill because the incisions are inside the nostrils. Dr. Stein has performed thousands of closed rhinoplasties. The procedure requires 1.5-3 hours to reshape the nostrils, tip, and bridge of your nose.

More common is the open rhinoplasty. Patients seeking more dramatic results or have more complex nasal anatomy are ideal. Incisions are well camouflaged within the natural creases of your skin, and Dr. Stein is better able to shape and refine your nose aesthetics in just 1-2 hours.

Revision rhinoplasty may be open or closed, depending on the correction you require. If a previous rhinoplasty has not lived up to expectations, a revision may be needed. These are the most challenging rhinoplasties, and should be done by someone of Dr. Stein’s caliber to ensure a proper outcome.

For patients concerned about their ethnic identity, and ethnic rhinoplasty will maintain your distinctive features while still shaping a better nose. The last thing you want is to lose what makes you look like you. Dr. Stein is an expert in all types of facial anatomy, so you can preserve your heritage while still getting the nose you desire.

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Am I a Good Candidate?

A consultation with Dr. Stein can best determine which type of rhinoplasty will be ideal for your nasal condition and aesthetic goals. If you desire significant reshaping, an open rhinoplasty is more likely.

Procedure, Recovery, and Results

All rhinoplasties Dr. Stein performs are done with twilight anesthesia (IV sedation) so you’re comfortably asleep without the risks inherent with general anesthesia. Your procedure is done on an outpatient basis, so after a few hours of observation, you’re free to return home the same day to rest in comfort. Whichever type of rhinoplasty used to correct your nose shape or size, you’ll receive detailed aftercare instructions to minimize complications and make your recovery as smooth as possible.

 You can expect some bruising and swelling around your nose and eyes in the immediate few days following your rhinoplasty, but it subsides relatively quickly. Most patients return to work in 1 week. More complex cases may need an additional week.

 Often, a portion of the results are immediately visible and will improve as post-op swelling and bruising heals. It may take up to 1 year for your results to be completely settled and healed, but most patients are happy with the results after only a few weeks.

If you’re tired of your nose doing all the talking, let Stein Plastic Surgery shape it upright.

“I’m so happy I chose Dr. Stein for my surgery! The process was quick & easy and I was left with gorgeous, natural results. The office is beautiful, all of the staff are so welcoming, and Dr. Stein was so confident he could give me the nose I was looking for (and he delivered). I highly recommend him for rhinoplasty & I can’t imagine choosing another surgeon. He has changed my life!” *

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 *Individual results may vary.