One of the most common setbacks for patients considering facelift surgery is the issue of potential scarring. While you may be worried about scars at the moment, in reality, most patients find the easily-concealable scars well-worth the end results. When done correctly, scars from a facelift are nearly non-existent and will probably only be noticeable to you.

Dr. Stein is a double board-certified surgeon and facial super-specialist. He uses the latest surgical techniques to ensure an optimal outcome each and every time. Dr. Stein meticulously works to help patients achieve a more youthful appearance while addressing individual concerns.

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*Individual Results May Vary 

Facelift Incisions

Incisions are typically made in easily-concealable locations such as within the natural creases of the skin or behind the hairline. No two surgeries are performed exactly the same way. Incision placement is carefully planned before your procedure according to your needs.

Facelift incisions can vary greatly depending on the type of facelift. While most patients opt for a traditional facelift, some might be better suited for a limited incision facelift. The procedure can also be done alongside a brow lift or neck lift for enhanced results. Dr. Stein can help determine what’s right for you at the time of your in-person consultation.

Most facelift procedures require three strategically-placed incisions for an optimal outcome; on either side of the face, and below the chin. Let’s take a closer look.

It’s important to find a surgeon who is skilled but also an artist. Dr Stein is. The team could not have been more helpful and professional.

Along the Hairline

Two incisions will be made on either side of the face along the hairline. Traditional facelift incisions start at the temple hidden in the hair dip inside the ear where hidden and wrap around the earlobe in the crease where they are very inconspicuous. They then continue behind the ear in the crease and into the hair where completely hidden. This allows Dr. Stein to address visible signs of aging on the lower face and neck.

Below the Chin

A small incision is usually made at the base of the chin within the natural folds of the skin. This incision helps Dr. Stein improve the appearance of the lower third of the face. Incisions below the chin are typically less than half an inch long and closed with self-dissolving sutures.

Scar Management

Most scars are easily-concealable and significantly fade in the months following your facelift procedure. A light application of mineral-based makeup can be applied during this time. Although incisions typically heal very well on their own, Dr. Stein provides patients with a unique scar management plan for a speedy recovery sans scarring.

Dr. Stein provided excellent outcomes. The resulted look natural and are consistent with what was explained before the surgery. I recommend Dr. Stein to everyone.

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*Individual Results May Vary