Blepharoplasty surgery (eyelid lift) is a highly sought-after procedure that helps reverse visible signs of aging and sun damage. Patients can achieve dramatic, long-lasting results with a one-time surgery. Both men and women seek out blepharoplasties to rejuvenate eyes that make them look tired, sad, or angry.

At Stein Plastic Surgery, we’re seeing an influx of patients of all ages interested in the procedure, and for a good reason. Let’s take a look at why blepharoplasties are gaining popularity in 2019.

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Quick, Outpatient Procedure

Blepharoplasties are a relatively straightforward procedure. Dr. Stein is a double board-certified surgeon who routinely performs blepharoplasties of all types on an outpatient basis. He uses artistry and skill to produce natural-looking results each and every time. Blepharoplasties can take anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on your individual surgery.

Although lower eyelid lifts are typically done under general anesthesia, upper eyelid surgery is done with a local anesthetic. There’s no need for the “come down” effects associated with general anesthesia.

Customized Treatments

Your surgery is tailored to your individual needs and goals. While some patients may opt for both upper and lower eyelid lifts, many choose one or the other. Patients who are bothered by dark under-eye hollows can benefit from a lower blepharoplasty. Conversely, if your primary concern is droopy upper lids, an upper eyelid lift can be helpful. Dr. Stein works with each patient to ensure their goals are met.

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Not Just Aesthetics

While a good portion of patients choose to have blepharoplasty surgery done for aesthetic reasons, the procedure can also be done for medical purposes. You may be a good candidate for a blepharoplasty if you have severe droopiness, and you’d like to improve your peripheral vision. Dr. Stein can assess your candidacy for a medical blepharoplasty at the time of your in-person consultation.

Instant, Long-Lasting Results

A blepharoplasty can instantly take 10-15 years off your facial appearance. Patients can achieve a natural, well-rested look with a single surgery. Your eyes will be more open and brighter following the procedure thanks to wrinkle correction and the removal of loose, sagging skin.

Blepharoplasties produce long-lasting results you’ll love. Although the aging process continues to occur, your eyes will always look more youthful than they would if you hadn’t had the procedure. Most patients are happy with the long-term results of their procedure and only have one blepharoplasty in their lifetime.

Dr. Stein and his staff are the best. Everyone is friendly and very professional and the facilities are clean and impeccably maintained. I could not have asked for a better experience and the results of my blepharoplasty are excellent. Several people have told me I look younger but they can’t quite put their finger on why, which is exactly what I wanted from plastic surgery – namely a better and more youthful appearance without looking like a Hollywood freak. Follow-up and aftercare services were also equally excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Stein to anyone wanting to improve their appearance, especially since many consider him to be the best and at the top of his profession (that includes me)!

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