Do you feel like you no longer look your best? Does your skin sag and droop in ways that make you feel self-conscious? If the answer is yes, then a facelift may be right for you. With the help of modern science, surgeons have developed many facelift techniques that will improve your appearance and restore your youth. Dr. Adam Stein is one of Raleigh’s top facelift practitioners, specializing in facial cosmetic surgery that’s helped thousands of patients restore their version of beauty.

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*Individual Results May Vary 

How Does a Facelift Work?

Millions of men and women have had a facelift performed to improve their appearance and reset the clock on their age. Dr. Stein can help you renew your appearance and minimize your age with a facelift. He makes the incisions in well-camouflaged locations around your hairline and behind your ears. Then he repositions and sutures the muscle layer and tissue structures into more youthful positions, creating volume in the face to replace what’s been lost. Finally, Dr. Stein removes the appropriate amount of excess skin and closes your incisions. These techniques prevent the overly-stretched, windswept looks of facelifts from the past, so you look natural, and your best features are highlighted.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Facelift?

Facelifts are not for everyone and should only be considered if you’re doing it for your emotional well-being and personal improvement and aren’t being pressured by others. The outcomes of a facelift can restore your skin to a more youthful glow, but the best candidates are those who have realistic expectations and know what a facelift can—and cannot—do for them.

A facelift can make you appear years younger than you are, but it cannot make others treat you better. It can help you feel good about yourself, and in doing so, can give you the confidence to improve your work performance to achieve your goals. That confidence can give you the courage to try new things and talk to more people, improving your relationships through the creation of memories.

The ideal candidates for a facelift are those who:

  • Are generally healthy with a solid medical history
  • Have realistic expectations for the outcome
  • Don’t smoke, so healing is not impaired.

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What is Facelift Surgery Like?

Dr. Stein performs all his procedures in our state-of-the-art accredited surgical suite at Stein Plastic Surgery. You’ll undergo your facelift as an outpatient with general anesthesia for maximum comfort. During the procedure, Dr. Stein will make the incisions as planned to access the tissues that need to be remodeled. He’ll position those tissues, remove the excess fat and skin necessary, and close your incisions with an eye for minimal scarring.

What Results Can I Expect After My Facelift?

A facelift is a great way to stay looking young, healthy, and vibrant. Your results become fully apparent as the swelling and bruising go down—mostly in the first 2 weeks, but it may take up to 1 year for your tissues to settle. Some patients enjoy their rejuvenated appearance for up to 10 years or longer. Dr. Stein will also help you care for your skin after your facelift so you can preserve the youthful vitality of your refreshed look indefinitely.

Dr. Stein has been performing facial surgery for over 20 years. His skilled hands have given thousands of patients a new lease on life with rejuvenating facelifts that restore the youthful appearance they once had without being overly done or unnatural-looking.

“I was referred to Dr Stine by an anesthetist and I’m so happy with the process and results. Dr. Stine was so responsive and supportive post op answering if this or that was normal. I feel the results are natural and becoming.” *

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*Individual results may vary.