Facial Implants Raleigh such as Cheek Implants and Chin Implants are often sought out by men and women alike who want to enhance their facial harmony and bring out their own features. Raleigh Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Adam Stein has helped countless men and women achieve the results they desire through Facial Implants Raleigh. Cheek Implants are especially common for women seeking those high cut cheekbones or to help fill out the contours of a face that is losing volume through aging. Chin implants help both men and women with weak or under-projected chins. Chin implants can make a big difference in a subtle way to define the jawline.

To see how facial implants have helped Dr. Stein’s patients achieve better proportion and balance, view our online before and after photo gallery. Request a consultation with Stein Plastic Surgery to find out if you are a candidate for facial implants or other facial rejuvenation procedures.