While we may be diligent now about protecting our skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, that doesn’t undo the damage from when we were younger, more carefree, and perhaps didn’t know any better. Luckily, Dr. Adam Stein at Stein Plastic Surgery offers treatments to reverse years of damage caused by the sun, helping you appear younger and feel amazing about how you look.

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*Individual Results May Vary 

What Treatments Are Available for Sun Damage?

Laser technology is one of the cosmetic industry’s biggest weapons in the battle against aging. Laser skin resurfacing can tackle a host of skin concerns, including sun damage. With the MicroLaserPeel® at Stein Plastic Surgery, Dr. Stein can achieve dramatically beautiful results with only a few days of downtime.

The treatment is done with the Erbium Sciton Laser, and it works by removing the top layer of the epidermis to a precise depth. This revitalizes skin by removing the cells damaged by the sun and prompting the growth of new skin cells. Age spots and wrinkles caused by the sun are also diminished. Your skin tone becomes more even, smoother, softer, and your sun damage is reversed.

Another treatment to reverse sun damage is the chemical peel. It works similarly to laser skin resurfacing to remove your most damaged skin cells on the surface to make room for new skin cell growth. With the versatility of chemical peel formulas, you can address a host of skin issues beyond the damage wrought by the sun.

The beauty in chemical peels is their customizability. Sensitive patients can opt for lighter peels spread over a longer treatment period to achieve cumulatively dramatic results without serious downtime. Those seeking a quicker path to better skin can opt for more aggressive chemical peels with a few days of downtime. In the end, you can reverse moderate-to-severe sun damage, minimize wrinkles, even your skin’s tone and texture, and even reduce acne scars.

Dr. Stein also offers phenol peels, an extensive, deep peel that requires specialized training to perform. This peel has the most required downtime, but it addresses severe skin concerns and can reverse decades of sun damage that lead to harsh, coarse wrinkles, deep sun damage, and significant textural irregularities.

For some patients, laser resurfacing and chemical peels can be combined for a multi-layered, comprehensive treatment that will leave your skin glowing and vibrant.

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What is the Treatment Like?

If you’ve chosen laser resurfacing, you’ll likely begin with a topical anesthetic for comfort. If your treatment plan is to go deeper, you may benefit from an oral sedative. The laser will be passed over your treatment area. Afterwards, you may experience some redness, and your age spots and sun damage may temporarily darken before they begin to flake away. With MicroLaserPeel®, you can expect the effects to fade by day 3.

With a chemical peel, your level of anesthesia will be discussed during treatment planning. Phenol peels are performed as outpatient procedures in our accredited surgical suite with heavy sedation. With lighter peels, you can expect moderate peeling and redness for 1 week. Medium depth peels may result in minor swelling, and deeper peels will require up to 2 weeks of recovery time.

What Results Can I Expect?

These treatments can offer immediate improvement to your skin’s texture and tone, and your skin will continue to rejuvenate for up to 6 months, especially with repeated laser treatments. Chemical peels will offer brighter, smoother, more even skin within 1-2 weeks for light peels, and 2 months for deeper and phenol peels.

Dr. Stein provided excellent outcomes. The resulted look natural and are consistent with what was explained before the surgery. I recommend Dr. Stein to everyone.

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 *Individual results may vary.