When people look in the mirror, the nose stands out as a central feature of the face. For many people, that nose looks out of place on their face. Rhinoplasty can reshape the nose to achieve your goals. 

Raleigh Rhinoplasty

*Individual Results May Vary 

How Long Does Swelling Last After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

After rhinoplasty, you will experience some bruising, swelling, and soreness. Most people need about a week to recover before resuming non-strenuous levels of activity, and most can return to work when Dr. Stein removes the splint after seven days. You should look more like yourself after about two weeks as the swelling subsides. 

Swelling will take a few months to a year to completely go away. During this time, your nose establishes its final shape. Although this may seem like a long time to wait for your final results, rhinoplasty surgery creates lifelong changes. 

Types of Rhinoplasties You Can Have 

Often called anose job,” rhinoplasty can improve the appearance of a nose that a person feels is the wrong size, has an undesirable shape, or does not suit their face. Rhinoplasty can also correct physical problems with the nose or adjust the results of a previous procedure. 

Aesthetic Rhinoplasty

This type of rhinoplasty addresses aesthetic problems such as size, width, or other issues of appearance. The majority of rhinoplasties are aesthetic. 

Functional Rhinoplasty

This form of rhinoplasty corrects a physical problem with the nose that affects its function. The most common type of procedure treats a deviated septum, but many other issues can occur. 

Revision Rhinoplasty

If a previous rhinoplasty has gone wrong, had complications, or just doesn’t look right, you may be a candidate for revision rhinoplasty. Only surgeons like Dr. Stein, who specializes in revision rhinoplasty, should perform these delicate procedures. 

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

The purpose of ethnic rhinoplasty is never to remove a person’s ethnicity but to highlight their natural beauty and heritage. Dr. Stein specializes in the anatomy of the nose, allowing him to maintain a person’s ethnic features while still achieving their surgery goals. 

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How Does a Rhinoplasty Work?

Dr. Stein will perform your rhinoplasty under IV twilight anesthesia, which will prevent you from feeling anything. Dr. Stein is well skilled in the technique of closed rhinoplasties, with all incisions inside the nostril and no visible scars. Complex procedures may require an open rhinoplasty, which results in a tiny scar hidden in the crease under the nose. 

Am I a Good Candidate for a Rhinoplasty?

If you feel uncomfortable with the size or appearance of your nose, you may be a good candidate for rhinoplasty. Candidates should have realistic expectations and should overall be in good health.

“I was referred to Dr Stine by an anesthetist and I’m so happy with the process and results. Dr. Stine was so responsive and supportive post op answering if this or that was normal. I feel the results are natural and becoming.” *

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*Individual results may vary.