The nose’s attributes can affect facial harmony with even the most subtle of changes. If your nose leaves you insecure, it can really erode your self-confidence. Dr. Adam Stein has made rhinoplasty, more commonly called a nose job, a cornerstone of his practice at Stein Plastic Surgery, and as such has become one of Raleigh’s preeminent surgeons in the art of nose sculpting.

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How Does a Closed Rhinoplasty Work?

For a select set of patients, a closed rhinoplasty is the procedure of choice rather than an open rhinoplasty. The difference is a closed rhinoplasty does not involve incisions on the outside of the nose, whereas an open rhinoplasty places an incision across the strip of skin between the nostrils. 

With closed rhinoplasty, patients can have revisions to the bridge or tip of the nose without worry a visible scar will be present after healing. Dr. Stein has perfected his techniques in both procedures for the best possible outcomes for his patients. But how do you know which procedure is right for you?

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Closed Rhinoplasty?

Advantages of Closed Rhinoplasty

No visible scarring – This is an obvious advantage, as any incisions required are made within the nasal passages. While Dr. Stein is well practiced in the art of fine suturing, a closed rhinoplasty does not require this skill, and can be a great relief to the patient during healing.

Shorter recovery period – Because certain corrections can be made without requiring more invasive entry incisions, there’s less manipulation of the nose’s tissues, and therefore less trauma to surrounding tissues. This results in less bruising and swelling, and minimizes recovery lengths. There’s also less pain during recovery, and may not require uncomfortable nasal packing.

Better circulation to the tip of the nose – Because there’s no incision across the columella—the skin between the nostrils—there’s no interruption to the blood flow to these tissues. Better blood flow means faster healing.

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Disadvantages of Closed Rhinoplasty

Requires your surgeon to have greater skill – The nose can be a tight space, and much of the correction is made by feel because the visual field is limited without the columella incision. With Dr. Stein’s 20+ years of experience and extensive training in facial plastic surgery and reconstruction, he has the meticulous artistry needed to perform a closed rhinoplasty with great success.

Limits the potential for revisions – People who require complex changes to their nose’s structure may be better suited for an open rhinoplasty because closed techniques can limit the number of possible revisions. That’s why closed rhinoplasty is only available to candidates with select corrections they wish to make.

Access to nasal structures is limited – This can force your surgeon to stretch the nasal skin to gain access to the structures you’re having corrected. As such, it can create a situation where it’s difficult to visualize the nose in its natural state. However, Dr. Stein has performed thousands of rhinoplasties throughout his career, and even with this distortion, he can sculpt improvements to your nose with a critically aesthetic eye.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Closed Rhinoplasty?

The best candidates for closed rhinoplasty are those who are unhappy with certain aspects of their nose. Dr. Stein can determine if closed rhinoplasty is a possibility for you during a thorough consultation.

What Results Can I Expect from Rhinoplasty?

While recovery times with closed rhinoplasty are shorter, you may still need to wait 1-2 weeks for swelling to subside enough for your results to emerge. When they do, your nose will be in better balance with your facial features, and you’ll find yourself less self-conscious, more confident, and proud of your reflection.

Dr. Stein provided excellent outcomes. The resulted look natural and are consistent with what was explained before the surgery. I recommend Dr. Stein to everyone.

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