Rhinoplasty, or a nose job, is widely considered one of the most challenging cosmetic enhancement procedures. For this reason, Dr. Adam Stein frequently performs revisions when the previous procedure with a different surgeon didn’t quite go as planned. With a corrective procedure for your nose, your choice of surgeon matters, and Dr. Stein’s expertise is unmatched in the Raleigh area.

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Challenges with Revision Rhinoplasty

The nose’s prominent position on your face as well as its complex structure can make rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty a challenge to achieve aesthetic goals while maintaining or improving nasal function. This is why Dr. Stein performs hundreds of revisions for patients unsatisfied with their initial results.

Correcting previous rhinoplasty results is more difficult if there is scar tissue from the last procedure interfering with incision placement and repair of damaged structures and cartilage. There must be enough cartilage present (or available from a donor site, such as the ear) to achieve the patient’s desired nose shape. A deviated nasal septum must also be repaired to improve the nose’s function. Nasal obstruction may have caused cartilage collapse in the tip. Cartilage deficiencies may have caused internal valve collapse, which make spreader grafts necessary to reopen this narrowed area. Dr. Stein’s experience, alongside his extensive facial and plastic reconstructive surgery training and board certifications, make him more than qualified to take on the challenges of revision rhinoplasty with an excellent rate of success.

Am I a Good Candidate?

If a previous rhinoplasty has resulted in external distortions or breathing issues, you may be in need of a revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Stein, who performs these procedures often. Your revision may be performed as soon as 6 months after your original procedure, though it may be best to wait for a full year of healing for the most chance of success.

How is Revision Rhinoplasty Performed?

Every revision rhinoplasty is different because aesthetic deficiencies and functional issues vary in level of severity. Your procedure is performed in the Stein Plastic Surgery cutting edge accredited surgical suite on an outpatient basis, typically with IV sedation rather than full general anesthesia. Dr. Stein customizes your procedure for your specific situation, and most often, an open rhinoplasty technique—with incisions outside the nostrils—is necessary.

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For some patients, you may require cartilage structural support for the tip or bridge of your nose. Septal cartilage may require donor cartilage, and soft tissue deformities may be repaired with other donor tissue to act as a natural filler. The tissue commonly used for this is the temporalis fascia, a strong, fibrous tissue harvested from where it covers the temporalis muscle in the temple. The incision is made in the hairline and the tissue is excised without much appreciable difference to the appearance of the temple. Skin grafts may also be necessary to cover previous scarring during the repair of a narrowed nasal airway.

What Results Can I Expect with Revision Rhinoplasty?

You may see some immediate improvement to the shape of your nose, but you’ll have to wait for the swelling to subside to know the full extent of your revision rhinoplasty results. Many patients are happy with the outcome in just a few weeks.

Dr. Stein understands how concerned patients undergoing revision rhinoplasty are about the outcome after disappointing results with their last procedure. This is why your consultation is extensive, and he’s happy to answer all your questions, show before and after results of previous revisions, and go over your specific case in detail. With Dr. Stein, your revision has the best chance of achieving your desired goals.

“I was referred to Dr Stine by an anesthetist and I’m so happy with the process and results. Dr. Stine was so responsive and supportive post op answering if this or that was normal. I feel the results are natural and becoming.” *

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 *Individual results may vary.