With age, most of us start to see the effects of gravity on the cheeks, jawline, around the mouth, and in other parts of the face. A facelift can restore a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance by removing loose skin, lifting the underlying facial structures, and smoothing out lines and wrinkles. Dr. Stein can accomplish all of this with incisions so well-hidden that no one needs to know about them. 

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How Does a Facelift Work?

With over 100 facelifts performed each year, Dr. Stein has the experience and artistry to create a unique facelift procedure tailored to your needs. Each face ages differently, and Dr. Stein will focus on restoring a face that looks younger and more energized but still natural. 

Using small, hidden incisions, Dr. Stein will lift up and remove loose skin, smoothing out wrinkles, decreasing the appearance of nasolabial folds, and removing the appearance of jowls around the jawline. He will lift the underlying fat and muscle to restore volume to the cheeks, giving them a softer, fuller appearance.

Where are Facelift Incisions Made?

Dr. Stein will plan your facelift incisions based on which areas of your face need the most attention and how he wants to approach the procedure. The incisions may hide in places such as within the hairline or around the ears. If you choose to add other procedures, an eyelid lift will use incisions hidden in the eyelid creases, while a neck lift may use a small disguised incision under the chin. 

What Results Will I See From a Facelift?

Many people feel that a facelift makes them look ten years younger or even more. While nothing turns back the clock, a facelift produces results that no non-surgical method can match. You will see smooth, lifted skin with fewer lines and wrinkles. The nasolabial creases from the nose to mouth become smoother. You will notice that your jowls have departed, and in their place, you will see a firm, sculpted jawline. Your results will take two to three weeks to become visible after the swelling subsides

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What is Recovery Like From a Facelift?

You will experience some pain and swelling, especially in the first few days. Dr. Stein will recommend sleeping in an upright position and using ice packs to help control discomfort. You will need about two weeks to rest and recover before resuming activities or returning to work. You will also need to choose foods carefully to make sure that chewing does not disturb the healing process. 

What Procedures Go With a Facelift?

Since a facelift works primarily on the mid to lower facial area, some people choose to add other procedures to produce a more comprehensive rejuvenation. A brow lift or eyelid lift can refresh and restore the eye area and reduce undereye bags or sagging brows. A neck lift will sculpt the neckline and chin to give you a contoured neck that matches your more youthful face. 

“I was referred to Dr Stine by an anesthetist and I’m so happy with the process and results. Dr. Stine was so responsive and supportive post op answering if this or that was normal. I feel the results are natural and becoming.” *

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*Individual results may vary.