The short answer is yes. Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) can address the most common signs of aging: sagging eyebrows, droopy upper lids, and bags under your eyes. As you age, excess fat may prevent you from opening your eyes completely. Double-board certified Dr. Stein is known for his natural-looking results, leaving patients with a refreshed appearance and improved eye function. Most patients only need one procedure in their lifetime.

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What Kind of Blepharoplasty is Right for Me?

There are two types of blepharoplasty: upper and lower. They can be done on their own or combined into one procedure. Combination procedures provide enhanced anti-aging results and half the recovery time. 

Upper eyelid surgery addresses excess tissue that can impair your vision. It can also correct chronic puffiness and sagging skin in the upper eyelids. Under twilight anesthesia, this procedure can be completed in less than two hours.

Lower eyelid surgery most commonly addresses cosmetic concerns such as sagging skin under eyes and deep or dark hollows. Incisions can often be made on the inside of the eyelid, or in your eye’s natural crease, leaving no visible scar. These procedures are completed under general anesthesia.

What Are the Risks?

In addition to general risks associated with surgery, possible risks of eyelid surgery include:

  • Difficulty closing your eyes
  • Injury to eye muscles

Talk to your doctor about how surgical risks apply to you.

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What Can I Expect After Surgery?

You can expect to see results within several weeks. For some, the results of blepharoplasty may last a lifetime; others may experience a recurrence of droopy lids.

After the Procedure

Recovery time is dependent on the extent of the surgery to address your individual goals. You can go home the same day of this outpatient surgery after you’ve been monitored for any complications.

Following surgery, you may temporarily experience:

  • Tightness and soreness
  • Blurred or double vision 
  • Light Sensitivity
  • Watery, dry, itchy, or sticky eyes
  • Swelling and bruises
  • Puffy, numb eyelids

You will be given aftercare instructions and, if needed, medicine to help with pain and discomfort. 

What to Expect at Home

Your eyelids may be swollen and bruised for 1-3 weeks, but their appearance may continue to improve over three months. Most patients can return to work in two weeks, though bruising around the eyes can last longer. 

Dr. Stein and his staff are great and I was very pleased with the results of my eye lid surgery. From impeccably clean facilities to staff who are professional and courteous, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Having worked in health care for over 30 years, I was impressed not only with staff experience and credentials but also the fact that Dr. Stein’s facility is fully accredited by a nationally recognized ambulatory surgery accrediting body. I would definitely recommend Stein Plastic Surgery without hesitation to anyone wishing to improve their appearance.

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*Individual Results May Vary.